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Routine Podiatry​

Podiatrists routinely treat common foot and lower leg problems. These can include but are not limited to:


  • Corns

  • Callus reduction

  • Cracked heels

  • Thickend and infected nails

  • Verruca

  • Ingrown nails

  • Recurrent blistering

  • Children / Paediatric foot problems

  • Footwear advice and fitting

  • Diabetic foot screening and advice

  • Rheumatoid and arthritic complications


Speak to us here at Bay Podiatry if you have any questions or need advice on any foot problems.

Gait Assessment + Sport

Video gait analysis is routinely used in Bay Podiatry for assessment and review of any mechaincal issues. Sports related or not, video gait analysis can give additional information with correct biomechancial assessment on the function of the lower lilmb and foot.


Common mechanical issues we treat are:


  • Heel pain

  • Joint disfunction

  • Tight or restricted muscle function

  • Excessivley flat or high arched foot structure

  • Patella or knee joint dysfunction pain

  • Neuroma or metatarsalgia symptoms

  • Tendoniitis of foot and lower leg structures

  • Recurrent lower leg injuries attributed to gait disfunction



Nail Surgery

In some situations nail surgery is required to permanently resolve an issue when nails become ingrown. Recurrent and longstanding infections, trauma or altered shape in the nail can sometimes mean the problem is ongoing and can cause considerable discomfort.


Nail surgery under local anaesthic is a relatively pain free solution to permanently fix this common problem. Dressing and post operative checks are included in the treatment.

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