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Bay Podiatry - Havelock North

With over 20 years international experience as a podiatrist, and exposure to new methods of treatment while practising in Europe, podiatrist Julie Malone has alot to offer the Hawkes Bay people. Julie is the only podiatrist in the Hawkes Bay area to have completed postgraduate study towards a Master of Science in Clinical Podiatric Biomechanics, which she did at Staffordshire University, England. 




Please contact us for any further information or to make an appointment.



Havelock North Clinic 06 8775732



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What is Podiatry?
Podiatry is the healthcare profession that specialises in the assessment and treatment of the lower limb and foot.
The foot is a highly complex structure due to the number of bones and joints. Trauma, overuse and injury can often result in longstanding issues and discomfort. Podiatrists play an important role in keeping people fit and active, and preventing future foot complications.
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